ReactStartupKit | React codebase for building social media apps quickly

A React codebase for building amazing desktop and mobile apps quickly.

Everything you need 👉 a desktop app, mobile app and admin dashboard & over forty essential reusable components.

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mobile app

Rocket-boost your project with a pre-built starter-app

All the features available in our desktop app are also built-in to our phone app. You can view a complete list of features here. Get your own phone app with a user social feed, comments, likes, auth, i18n and search. View the videos below.

Sign up & authorisation

Add posts & edit posts


Likes & comments

Create poll posts

User profiles



admin dashboard

Manage & view all the important aspects of your app, easily.

Both our Web app and Phone apps come complete with a fully functioning admin dashboard which allows you to unpublish posts, activate or deactivate users, moderate comments or even take down unsuitable photos.


Ready to use, out of the box

Every kit connects to services with the following straight out of the box, with nothing more to pay. Until you're huge.

example use cases

Essential, no matter your role

Whether you're a tech team, an individual or a business owner, we've got you covered. ReactStartupKit makes perfect sense in any situation when calculated against the time and cost of buying the equalivent set-up from a traditional agency or developing in-house. Our tech-stack works together beautifully and is the perfect starting point for any project. Your ReactStartupKit tech stack is used by many of the world's top online companies.

JoshRuns a web development agency

Josh is a web developer and designer who has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Josh has been working with ReactStartupKit since its initial release.

LucyHas a villa rentals business

Lucy has a successful vacation rentals business and used the pandemic-downtime to level-up her online operations. Lucy wanted to provide a cutting-edge villa booking website with an accompanying app to get ahead of her competitors, but the traditional costs producing web and mobile apps with authorisation, search and internationalisation features were prohibitive. Checking on revealed that Lucy could save tens of thousands of dollars and a whole lot of time by using ReactStartupKit as a starting point for her new online presence.

OliverLooking to learn new skills

Oliver is an aspiring full-stack web developer and by using ReactStartupKit he was able to quickly and easily extend his knowledge across a broad spectrum of skills, from building clean and transparent backend api endpoints, building mobile apps that collect and display data quickly, to building online polls and commenting systems.

full feature list

Features. Lots and lots of features

No matter what type of app you're building for your next big project, you need a standard set of features. ReactStartupKit provides all these features and more. Give your next project a huge boost by starting off with every single feature below already baked-in and ready-to-go. Compare these prices with either what you could charge your clients, or what your design studio would charge you for the equivalent. It's a win-win.

Web App
Web App
Both Apps
Features - Authentication
Server-Side Authentication
Client-Side Authentication
Welcome Screen
Register Screen
Login Screen
Password-Forgot Screen
Features - User Experience
Social feed
Infinite scroll
User Posts
Dedicated post page
Dedicated comment page
Edit posts
Delete posts
Search posts
Search users
Search comments
Post likes
User comments
Reply to comments
Reply to replies
Image posts
Video posts
User polls
Link previews
Time since post
User bookmarks
User profile pages
User posts feed
User likes feed
User comments feed
User media feed
Latest media
Edit user name
Edit user avatar
Edit user cover image
Edit user bio
Database seeding
Layout switching
Theme switching
Field character limits
System notifications
User notifications
User subscriptions
Welcome messages
Admin Dashboard
Activate/Deactivate Users
Publish/Unpublish Posts
Publish/Unpublish Photos
Comment Moderation
App Overview
Users Overview
Likes Overview
Photos Overview
Bookmarks Overview
Theme Switching
Language Switching
Serverless Deployment
MongoDB Integration
Google Firebase Authenication
Google Firebase Image Storage
Dedicated API Endpoints
TailwindCSS Integration
Dedicated Express Server
API Endpoints
Create User
Get User Details
Update Avatar
Update Bio
Update Cover
Update Name
Update Username
Add Post
Edit Post
Fetch All
Fetch Liked Posts
Fetch Media Posts
Fetch User Posts
Add Comment
Count Comment Replies
Fetch User Comments
Get All Comments
Get Comment Count
Get Total Likes
Get User Like
Like Post
Unlike Post
Find Posts
Find Users
Find Comments
Find Top Posts
Add Notification
Fetch Notification Post
Fetch User Notification Count
Fetch User Notifications
Remove Notification
Update Notification Status
Add Photos
Delete Photo
Get Latest
Add Poll Choices
Add Vote
Get All Votes
Get User Vote
Cleanup Choices
Cleanup Votes
Add Video
Add Bookmark
Get Bookmarked Posts
Is Post Bookmarked
Remove Bookmark
Add Subscriber
boost your productivity

Rocket-boost your next projects. Get ReactStartupKit now

No subscription. Use it infinitely. One payment. Yours forever.


The most powerful tools for the job

When you're building the 'next-big-thing', you need to make sure you're using the absolute best possible tech-stack. We've got you covered. Our tech-stack uses the best possible cutting-edge tech, which works togther beautifully and is the perfect combination for any project. Your ReactStartupKit tech stack is used by many of the world's top online companies.


Used by Airbnb, Tiktok and Netflix among others, NextJS is the go-to React front-end Javascript framework for developing world-class applications using both static and server rendered documents.


Described as the most advanced cloud database service on the market, MongoDB is a NoSQL cloud-hosted databse service that provides lightening-fast performance and scalability, and a very generous free-tier. Used by companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Google Firebase

Google offers the de-facto solution for user authentication and file storage, and offers extremely geneorus free-tiers which mean you won't need to pay fo ranything util your app is attracting thousands of users.


Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that has taken and continues to take the web development world by storm. We use Tailwind in both our desktop and mobile apps. Using Tailwind means both your desktop app and Phone apps are really easy to style and maintain.

React Native / Expo

Expo is a wrapper around the React Native CLI which allows users to concurrently develop both IOS and Android apps quickly and easily using React and React Native.


Your startup pack includes a custom-built Express server which, while being extremely easy to setup and deploy, allows your Phone apps to use the same MongoDB database as your web app, and also means API endpoint code can be shared between desktop and mobile.

key features

An essential foundation for any new project

No matter the size of your next project, whether you're building the next Airbnb or something just a bit smaller, all projects need a standard set of features to get them started. Features which are costly and timely to implement. Get your project off the ground immediately by starting with with a base project which has all the following key features and much more.

Social authentication

Make it easy for your users to sign-up and log in. The ReactStartupKit web app accepts Google, GitHub and email signups, and it's simple to add futher login authenticators.

Full internationalisation

Proper internationalisation can be costly and time-consuming to implement. Your starter-kit has it built-in out of the box and switches languages instantly, with no page reload.

Social Feed

Whether you want to display a list of videos, villas, products to sell or just misinformation, you need a feed of posts which users can add to. We've got you covered.

Infinite scroll

You've got a feed with hundreds of posts. Make sure everything runs smoothly and at optimum speed by only loading a certain number of posts at a time.

Search as you type

Full search functionality built right in to your starter-kit. Search across posts, comments and users. ReactStartupKit leverages the power of React and MongoDB to provide full search functionality.

Serverless deployment

Have both your web and phone apps up and running in minutes without the need for any servers. That means you can deploy for free on services such as Vercel or Netlify.

Post likes

ReactStartupKit lets users like, upvote or 'favourite' any posts they choose, shows the number of likes for each post, and then displays those posts in the user's feed.

User comments

Create lots of user interaction on your app by allowing users to comment on posts, and reply to other user's comments. Users can also like or upvote comments, not just posts.

Edit posts

Users can edit their posts, not just by editing the text, but by also adding and deleting images. If those changes aren't enough, users can always delete their post.

User profiles

Fully featured user profile pages complete with cover-image, user avatar and user bio components. Profile pages show a users's posts, comments, media and likes.

User notifications

Much like many social media apps, ReactStartupKit sends users a notification when one of their posts is liked or someone comments on it.

System notifications

AReactStartupKit allows you to easily show beautiful system notifcations. Enhance your user's experience by providing feedback for user interactions.

buy now

Save thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours

Prices for ReactStartupKit are shown below. You can buy your web or phone app starters individually, or save when purchasing together. All kits, both the desktop and phone apps, come with a desktop admin dashboard.

Web app

$177/ one time payment

Starter Social Desktop App
Admin Dashboard
Full Documentation
best value
Web & Mobile Apps

$347/ one time payment

Starter Social Mobile App
Starter Social Desktop App
Admin dashboard
Express Server
Full Documentation
Mobile app

$197/ one time payment

Starter Social Mobile App
Express Server
Admin Dashboard
Full Documentation
learn more

Questions you may have

We've tried to provide answers to what we think will be the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us or use the link in the footer.

Can I use this code on multiple projects?

You certainly can. Once you have bought ReactStartupKit, you're free to use your kit on as many of your own projects as you wish. There are no subscription fees, just one payment and you're good to go, forever.

ReactStartupKit makes a cost-effective investment for agencies or freelancers who can then use the kit on any or every project they have, saving lots of time and money.

What are the advantages of using ReactStartupKit?

No matter what type of app or project you have, almost all apps have the same requirements. Client and server-side authentication, the ability for users to create content, a way for users to add likes and favourites, a way for users to comment and interact with your content, a search facility and internationalisation. ReactStartupKit provides all this and much more besides.

Will I need to have or pay for hosting?

You web app, phone app and admin dashboard are all built to run in a serverless enviroment, which means they're lightening quick and run optimally on free-to-air services such as Vercel and Netlify.

What can my starter kit be used for?

With its best-in-class technology stack, robust feature-set and multiple-use licensing, ReactStartupKit can be used for all new projects. Whether you're building a simple web app, a full-blown admin dashboard, or a mobile app, ReactStartupKit is the perfect solution. Use all of the features, or only the ones you need, it's up to you.

Are there any other costs involved?

Everything we provide runs in a serverless environment, which means once you have customised your startup kit to your project, you can go live with no further costs involved. As an example, our demo app is running on free-to-air services.

Is it difficult to set up?

No, not at all. It's just a few easy steps, which we'll walk you through, to get your web app, phone app and dashboard all up and running locally, and deployment to a live environment is even easier. Setup docs are online, and each project has fully comprehensive documentation and fully documented code.